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I'm in a movie with ASHLEY JUDD!

YEEEEEEEES guys, God is blessing me! I landed my first lead in a feature film, "TRAFFICKED," and I recently found out that freaking 2-time Golden Globe Nominee Ashley Judd is also going to be in the movie! Say what?! This was so unexpected. I didn't even think about the possibility of A-list actors being in this film. God is giving me more than what I asked for.

Filming for TRAFFICKED starts today! My first day on set will be Thursday. TRAFFICKED is a film that deals with sex trafficking in women and children all around the world. I am so happy that we are bringing awareness to this senseless crime!! I am even more honored to be able to portray a character who is a victim of sex trafficking. To be able to tell the stories of thousands of women who are stripped of their human rights and forced to do unspeakable acts every single truly a blessing. I hope to give their stories the justice they deserve. We need to end this crime! Please pray for me as I embark on this painful but beautiful journey!!! #sextrafficking #endsextrafficking #endhumantrafficking #awareness #movieforacause #honored

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