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All Things Actor-y!

So I decided to start a blog. 'But I ain't a blogger, doe.'

It looks like I'm trying to take this actor thing kinda serious, so I felt like it was time to take another step forward. I want a place where I can have ALL my weekly Facebook and Twitter shenanigans related solely to acting all in one place. Just so whoever is interested (hey casting directors, call me *wink wink*) can easily see what I'm up to that week in my career! At first I was going to make one of those 'Official Jessica Obilom Actor" facebook like pages. And I still might. Idk. We shall see. However, my ace boon koon KC told me that I should just add a blog page to my website. After all, I DO have a website for my acting. Why wouldn't I put my updates on my website?! Hello somebody. But then I was like, who has time to be going to my website?? Lol. So idk. None of this is set in stone. Let's just call this "blog" a practice run.

Cuz like I said, I ain't a blogger doe.

P.S. Tomorrow is my birthday. *twerks*

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